Hi I will try to keep this short-

There is a new classical Album to be explored - [Sancho..]- A new film to be released- [PiĆ³ra]--   -if you ask me, I can show you some of the Macbeth we have been creating-  

And Paterson wants to write a new Sancho play+  Brodie is going back to being a singer songwriter [To the Waters]    - the why is it always a little scary........ AND ALSO----

What to say-....I would love to hear your reactions to any of the the works-perhaps there is a question as to how I got here- where I went wrong - what went right - what I lost and what was found-..........maybe

The only thing that springs in this moment, is ;  my youngest, asked me last week 'why I did what I did, and if I ever get bored';

-the only true answer was to say something of 'the waking each morning and knowing that there was a very real possibility that I might make a new discovery on this day- a musical one- '

this was, and will ever be, enough for me- ......

I hope you find something of worth here...